My Moby Dick is plastic. In a tree.

I’ve had a reminder on my phone for about a year and a half now. It’s supposed to go off when I get to a certain location. A location, to that point, I had been to only once.
I see this reminder occasionally when I go into the list of reminders to clear an old one or create a new one.

As I was driving today, I thought of the reminder. Odd, I know. But I was coming upon a place I had now been twice in my life.

The timing was about as perfect as it could be. Mere minutes after I saw the name of the road the reminder was set for, I saw a sign for the same road. I prepared myself.

A year and a half ago, we came to Minnesota for summer vacation with the whole family. As part of the family trip to Minnesota, we drove up to “The Cities,” as the locals call it. We were headed to the Mall of America.

On the way up, we passed a farmhouse. Several farmhouses, really. But one which was very peculiar. There was a treehouse in the front yard. But this was no ordinary treehouse. This is one of those Little Tykes plastic houses. Jammed in a tree.

For some reason, I found this whole premise very amusing. By the time I had processed what I had seen, it was obviously too late to get a picture of it. So I set the reminder. Mainly so I could remember where it was to grab a photo on the way home. But it was dark when we came back by. I left the reminder on my phone on the off-chance that some day, by some weird stroke of luck, I might happen by this odd little treehouse.

Today was that day. We were headed back to the Mall of America. What wonderful providence! I can finally mark this reminder as “complete” and move on with my life.

As soon as I saw the Fancher Rd exit sign, I turned on the camera on my phone. I zoomed in ever so slightly, so it would be more visible. I perched the phone aimed out my side window. Then I waited. As soon as I saw my treehouse, I started hitting the “shutter” button. I was only able to get 2 shots of it before it became a distant memory again. But this time, I will be able to cross this reminder off my list. Success at last.





One thought on “My Moby Dick is plastic. In a tree.

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