Rain sucks

I hate rain. Not just run of the mill weather complaining. I genuinely hate rain. You see, I wear glasses. They get coated with raindrops at the slightest drizzle.

I’ve tried walking with my head down. This doesn’t help. Now, not only do the front of my glasses get covered in drops, the insides are spotted, as well. And my glasses slip off my nose. I have enough trouble with this when I’m looking straight ahead. *pushes up glasses* Looking down, it’s all I can do to keep them from crashing to the ground. Add to this that I can’t see where I’m going. I’m not referring to those who stare at their little glowing screens, not paying attention to their surroundings. I mean, I literally cannot see where I’m going. I can’t tell you how many walls I’ve walked into while trying to keep my glasses clean. Then I have to pick them up off the pavement. And explain the odd bruising/scrapes on my face. Sometimes it’s easier to just say I walked into a door. Removing them from my face to keep them dry results in the same outcome.

THEN…Occasionally, a rogue raindrop falls behind your glasses. It hits you square in the eye. You would think with this burden would come some benefit. If I’m going to wear bespeckled spectacles, I should at least get some protection from the onslaught of precipitation. But, no. No such luck. You get the double whammy of obstructed vision and temporary blindness from catching one of these drops in one of your most vulnerable places. (My Achilles heel is my eye. Apparently.)

So, yeah. Rain sucks.


One thought on “Rain sucks

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