I don’t know what the pho I’m doing

I picked up some Vietnamese chicken soup for dinner last night. Pho ga, as it’s called. I ordered two. When the woman confirmed my order, I swear she said, “You f-er.” Maybe it was “Two pho ga.” I don’t have a pho-ing clue. After a moment of confusion, I pulled up to the window and waited for my order.

The lady handed me 2 large bags of food. “Are these both for me?” “Yes. Two bags. Thank you.” Ummm. Ok. I headed home.

I got home and unpacked. This is what I found.


Hmmm. No instructions. No guidance. I didn’t know what the pho I was supposed to do.


So I did this.


And this.


Then, I figured I’d just go pho it. I’m not sure exactly what the leafy stuff is. It tasted a little like poison ivy.


The only problem, they obviously didn’t plan very well. I’m not complaining about the quantity of soup. But the container, well, you’ll notice a soaked paper towel around the base. Maybe the container should have been a little bigger. Like twice bigger. But there was no turning back now.

What is pho without some sriracha type substance and a little soy goo, right?



I went to town.


Since there were no instructions, it was by luck that I discovered a cache of chicken in the bottom of the container. This was a game changer.

All I can say is holy pho, that’s a lot of pho. You f-er.


2 thoughts on “I don’t know what the pho I’m doing

  1. OMG, you are hilarious!!! I love this post! Those soup containers are for take-out, yes, but are just for carrying home. It’s nearly impossible to eat the Pho in that container b/c it’s too small and stuff spills everywhere. Next time, take it home and pour everything into a bigger bowl. . and enjoy! and the leafy stuff should have been cilantro and chinese mint or mint leaves. Now you gotta go back and get Pho Bo (Beef Pho yo). It’ll change your life. Holy Pho. Love this post!


    • Thanks! Pouring it into a bigger bowl was suggested to me AFTER I had already dumped everything in and made a mess. The red stem on the mint/poison ivy was a little concerning. But I went for it anyway. Next time, I’ll get the Pho Bo, yo. I’ll document this experience to see if it goes any better…


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