What is going down there?

One thing I love about fall (I’m turning into one of those people) is Apple cider. (For some reason, call it narcissism, my phone felt the need to capitalize apple.) I think part of its appeal, aside from the delicious flavor, is that it has a relatively limited availability. You don’t see anyone sipping cider in the middle of July. The fact that I can only enjoy it for a couple of months makes it taste all that much sweeter.

The mind is a funny thing. I bought some apple cider a few days ago. Tonight I was craving some cider. I did what any reasonable human being would do. I went to the kitchen and poured myself a cup of cider.

You know those times when you’re expecting to taste one thing but you get something different? Even if what you are tasting is one of your favorite things, for that one moment, you look at it in disgust.

This was not one of those moments. I was thinking about Apple cider. (Again, my phone’s ego pops up.) I went to the refrigerator and got the apple cider out. I poured myself the apple cider while thinking about how it tasted. I smelled the apple cider. I took a drink of the apple cider. I was as fully prepared as one could be to taste apple cider.

But for one split second, as the sweet nectar hit my tongue, my brain said, “WTF? What is this stuff in my mouth?” It’s not that the cider had soured or tasted any different than it ever does. A switch in my brain just switched off, disconnecting itself from every thing my body was experiencing. I don’t know why. I often question my brain’s motives. Whatever he was doing up there, he sullied the apple cider experience I was so anticipating.



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