Ghost in the Machine

I was riding up in the elevator this morning. Alone. I get off on the seventh floor. When I got in, for some reason, the button for floor 3 was lit. I thought little of it. Maybe someone was being funny and hit 3 as it was coming back down to the lobby.

I stopped at 3. No one got on. No one got off. My journey continued.

Next, for some inexplicable reason, the elevator stopped at the 6th floor. “Odd,” I thought. The doors opened. Again, no one got on. No one got off. No idea why I stopped here.

I looked down again at the buttons for each floor. 7 was still lit up. Only, now, the button for floor 11 was lit up, as well. “WTF is going on here?” I don’t know if I thought this or if I said it aloud. I’m known to have audible conversations with myself.

At this point, I was getting a little concerned with what was going on in the elevator. I don’t know if maybe I wasn’t alone. Or if there was some sort of malfunction that could potentially send me plummeting down the elevator shaft to an untimely demise. Though, I’ve heard something about jumping at the moment of impact to reduce the chance of severe energy. I don’t know how true this is. Or if I’m just imagining it. I wasn’t ready to test it out. Especially, as it just now entered my mind, not at the moment when I could have used that information. With my luck, I would have been lying in a heap under a crushed elevator and then thought, “Maybe I should have jumped.”

Later this morning, I was in the lobby talking to my wife on the phone. The fire alarm for the building went off. My coat was upstairs. It’s cold outside. I got ready to go upstairs to fetch my coat. Because, while it is 20 degrees warmer than yesterday, as I said, it’s cold outside. The fire alarm stops. I breathe a sigh of relief. I won’t have to be like a salmon swimming upstream to go up seven very steep flights of stairs.

Then the fire alarm sounds again. I get ready to go upstairs again. The alarm stops. When it goes off for the third time, I get smart. I started to text one of my coworkers to bring my coat down. The alarm stops again. To keep a long story long, the alarm went on and off a total of 5 or 6 times. The last few, I kept preparing to text my coworker to grab my coat, and canceling the text each time the alarm stopped.

I finally go to head back upstairs. One of the elevators (a separate one from the elevator I mentioned at the beginning of this tale) had its doors stuck open. “Great,” I thought. Or said out loud. I still don’t know if I’m using my inner monologue or not. I trekked up the seven very steep flights of stairs to my desk. Out of breath, I tell the coworker who sits across the aisle from me about my ordeal. “No alarm went off up here.”

This is great. I don’t know if I’m being haunted by a ghost or if I’m giving off some sort of electromagnetic pulse that is causing these electronic anomalies or what is going on around me. Either way, I’m being cautious the rest of the day.

I will keep you updated if any further disturbances occur. Unless an elevator plummets to the lobby with me inside. In which case, I’ll let you know whether jumping when it crashes to the ground works. Unless it doesn’t.

"Going up?"

“Going up?”


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